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DealersOnline evolved out of a car dealership. We understand what you are looking for…

DealersOnline was founded in 2007 by William Miller and Renaldo de Jager. 15 years later, we are a leading global auction and valuation technology supplier managing 70 white-label platforms in five countries.

Our solutions power marketplaces for Nissan, Toyota, Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, and BMW. While our technologies enable auctioneers to market and sell every kind of asset, from locomotives to tractors, ships, and passenger vehicles.

2019 saw our expansion into Kuwait where we service reputable brands like Mercedes-Benz, Toyota & Mitsubishi. Successful business in Kuwait has led to expansion across UAE & Qatar with sights set on KSA, Bahrain & Oman.


We’ve become valuation and disposal specialists by aggregating vehicle datasets, licencing software products, enabling auction marketplaces and providing value-added services.

For Professional Car Buyers & Regional Traders

Buy & sell stock across the region

We help our professional traders and dealerships buy and sell used vehicles online via our auction platform improving their stock turnover rate and profitability.
Vehicle & Pricing Data Sets
Marketplace Access
Valuation & Auction Technology

For Individual Dealerships & Used Car Operators

Manage your inspection, pricing & disposal flows

We help our dealership and motor retail clients realise value from their existing and future customers by creating efficiencies in their sales operations and improving the overall profitability of their used car business.
Dealership Digital Toolkit
Wholesale Stock Hub
Performance Coaching

For OEMs, Fleets & Larger Dealership Groups

Create your whitelabel auction platform

We help OEMs, Fleets and Distributors acquire new business and retain their existing customers, ultimately growing their market share and increasing sales volumes.
Whitelabel Technology
Auction Disposal Channels
Residual Value Advisory

For Rental & Fleets Management Companies

Get the best prices from sale of your vehicles

We help our corporate clients operating fleets understand, maximise and realise value through the asset lifecycle, ensuring continuity, compliance, asset productivity and cash flow.
Asset Disposal & Liquidation
Asset Inspections & Valuations
Asset Replacement & Financing

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14 years

in the industry





We’re on a mission;

Creating an online auction marketplace for used vehicles by paying special emphasis on ensuring that buyers receive a complete set of details pertaining to the vehicle’s model, damages & repair quote history.


Buyer & seller trust

DealersOnline’s auction platforms have proven to build trust among buyers & sellers, facilitating over 300 000+ sales and 2 000 000+ asset inspections.


Feature-rich frameworks

The sheer number of iterations have led to feature-rich and mature frameworks which are flexible through their modular architecture.


Configurable modules

Our inspection, pricing and auction modules are configurable and customisable, ensuring that we are unmatched in speed and development cost.


Agile development team

We have a 20 person-strong, agile development team to maintain our cloud and local infrastructure and develop and release new features and updates.


Customisable solutions

The design and development capabilities enable us to customise solutions for our client’s specific applications and requirements by adapting proven frameworks to launch platforms and products.

Start buying in 4 easy steps

  • Register your company/personal details under the Buyer Registration tab including Emirates ID/Passport
  • Once you have been verified, we will activate your account & send you a Welcome Email

  • Pay your refundable deposit of AED 3000 via bank transfer.
    • Bank Name: Emirates Islamic
    • Account No: 3708438532001
    • Payment Reference: Your Mobile Number
  • Send us a copy of the payment receipt including your Name, Last Name & Mobile via:
    • Email-
    • Whatsapp- +971 56 274 3766
  • Your account will be activated for bidding within 24 hours.

  • Place bids on as many vehicles as you’d like.
  • Remember to bid according to your budget.

  • Should you be the successful bidder, the seller will send you an invoice within 24 hours.
  • Make payment to the seller within 48 hours
  • Receive confirmation of payment received from the Seller & collect the vehicle within 24 hours
Auction Tips
  1. Make sure to read through the Auction Terms & Conditions carefully so that you abide by these.
  2. Keep your refundable deposit with DealersOnline to keep your account active for each of our Daily/Weekly Auctions.

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